Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surprise!! Happy Mother’s Day Olga!


My family is big. As in, Brady Bunch big. However, since I am Mexican, we would be Es Brady Buncho. I have two blood brothers and 3 step siblings. We never lived together in the same house together, so we somewhat avoided the chaos of having 6 teenagers in the house at once. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old and it wasn’t until I was 15 that my mom remarried. In fact, my favorite babysitter in the whole wide world….actually became my step brother. There is nothing weird about the circumstances, so don’t let your mind go crazy and start coming up with these weird stories. It was a matter of two divorced parents remarrying…and we all went to the same church. Ok, I am not sure if I make the story worse or better…but back to the favorite babysitter in the world story. So, Philip, my step bro, use to babysit us when we were younger. He use to play with us hide and seek, bring over some fun Atari games and even Nintendo games. But one of the best parts about having Philip as our babysitter, was the CANDY he would bring. Remember, we weren’t allowed to have any candy, sugar, sweets…whatever you want to call them? Of any kind. So, Philip would bring over his fanny pack full of candy, band aids and who know what else, and would hide the candy for us to find. We LOVED it!!! Not only would he hide candy, but he would let us stay up way past our bedtime (which was seriously early, like as in 7PM….and I am not exaggerating because I remember in the summers, it was still light when we went to be) and would let us run into bed, just seconds before my mom opened the door…as long as we didn’t tell….and boy, our lips were SEALED.

So fast forward to 2010, and Philip is now married to the beautiful and very sweet Olga, and has two little crib midgets of his own. Since I haven’t “formally” taken pictures of my nephew and niece, I wanted to surprise Olga with some pictures of her two beautiful children as a Mother’s Day gift. So, behind her back, and with the help of Philip and her mother, I snuck over her house during the day and had a little photo session with Kevin and Sophia. And truth be told, selfishly, this was also for me because I HARDLY ever get to spend time with them since 1,000 miles separate us from frequent visits. I was super happy on how cooperative both Kevin and Sophia were. And as you will see, I just couldn’t get enough of Miss Beautiful Sophia! Her eyes are absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g! I did absolutely NO editing to those eyes…those are 110% hers. When you look at Philip and Olga, they have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, so when you look at Miss Sophia, she is this little blondie with BLUE eyes! However, she was beautifully gifted with her Grandfather’s eyes which I am sure is a sweet reminder of her late father, which is such a sweet blessing. So, Olga, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day…for being such a wonderful mother to these two precious children and tolerating Philip’s jokes…even when they aren’t funny :) I loved spending time with Kevin and Sophia and even got to spend more time with them…but on the computer. Either way, they are so special to us and we love them and you dearly! Happy Mother’s Day! BTW....the pictures are in the mail!

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  1. These are just sooooo darling!!! What great pics Mich you did amazing not that I'm suprised ;-) I love love love the one with sophia by the "chalk family" it looks like it belongs in a magazine!

  2. Love the chalk family pics! So cute!