Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Capturing Your: Future

IMG_2381AL I love the newborn/infant stage. Call me crazy, but besides the sleepless nights, there is just so much joy to be had. There is new life, new hope, new dreams. I guess why I enjoy this stage so much too, is because it only lasts weeks at a time. Just look at baby clothes…there’s newborn, 0-3 month,6-9 months, 9-12 months….and after that the growth slows down. For the first few months, babies change SO quick, it can be overwhelming. That is why I love capturing all their wee little parts…hands, feet, toes, ears, head….you name it…because in a few months, it will dramatically change.

I took my childhood friend Alina’s maternity pictures just a few months back on my visit back to L.A. You may remember her because she was sporting that cool spunky pink hair. Yes, her! And you may see a resemblance now, with my last post. Yes, that is her daddy! This wasn’t a planned photo shoot. Just some pictures I took in the park while we had a playdate with our kiddos. Yes, I know, the camera is tied to my hips…and if it weren’t, I miss perfectly beautiful moments like this. So, I’d like to introduce the beautiful and sweet Ella. Congrats Jeff, Alina, Big Sister Phoenix (which I’d like to add is a doll and such a sweetie pie) and Big Brother Bruce!

IMG_2383AL IMG_2386BW IMG_2389AL IMG_2390AL IMG_2392AL IMG_2393BW IMG_2396AL IMG_2397AL IMG_2400BW IMG_2402AL IMG_2405ALIMG_2409BWAnt IMG_2427Sbout IMG_2428BWIMG_2436BWIMG_2434Sbout