Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Capturing Your: Glamour

IMG_1119 Sometimes you know why couples just click. Personality, same interests and hobbies, great chemistry, opposites attract…the list can go on and on. Well, I now know WHY Alina and Jeff click….and below you will see why too. They are both are awesome at being the star of the show….center stage. Jeff is a talented cartoonist for Nickelodeon, as well as a talented actor. Currently, he is playing Gaston in the play Beauty and the Beast and is preparing himself to participate in many more acting gigs. To say that this was a fun photoshoot would be an understatement. Jeff was so full of energy, life and exuded an air of confidence that is going to help him go very far in his acting career. I am so fortunate that he was open to just about anything I suggested…even the silly things that made no sense….like sitting on a chair in the middle of a street. Yes, he is that guy. That guy who’s willingness to think outside of the box that is going to land him some pretty cool acting gigs. Thanks Jeff for such an awesome opportunity! I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming additions!

And for those of you who live in the L.A and want to see Jeff in action, please check out this link http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113445838679354

Also, you can check out Jeff’s art work @ http://www.nachotoonz.blogspot.com/

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  1. Where was the location you used? Great backgrounds! ~Kathy