Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Capturing Your: Feature

IMG_8617-copy I think one of the toughest times in my life, was going from one child, to two. With Travis, although I only slept in 2-3 hour blocks for the first few months, I knew that I could make up for the sleep by napping whenever he napped…which was often. Even after he began sleeping in longer stretches, I was still exhausted from not consistently sleeping…and still, I took advantage of the nap time. This is where having two kids became hard. I could not nap whenever Derek napped, despite how lousy the night was. I had a 2.5 year old who was fully charged from a good nights sleep and ready for some playtime. My sleepless night was not on his radar, nor was my desire to take a nap when Derek napped…which was all.the.time. Not being fully recharged really took a toll on me and I could not thank the makers of the movie Cars enough, for creating the 116 minute movie…designed just for little boys just like my son. It allowed me to lie on the couch and wake up every 116 minutes, to push play again….then catch up on some more zzzzzzzzzz’s. And on some days, Travis watched it more than once….but that’s where I draw the line on divulging how many time he watched it…it’s between Travis and I….and we’re.not.telling.

Well, I don’t expect any brownie points, or pats on the back. There are millions of moms everyday who do exactly what I do. And I especially don’t expect to get sympathy from our next family….since they were recently blessed with twins! Yes, not one, but TWO newborns! I have so much admiration for Halle and her husband, their sleepless nights, their diaper changes, the feedings…all times two! I had so much fun visiting them and meeting their two new beautiful boys. And for parents of twins, they couldn’t have been more laid back. Ever. I felt so comfortable holding the babies and taking their pictures, because everyone was just so relaxed. I loved seeing how different their personalities were and how they bonded with each parent differently too. It may be hard now, but the payoff in the end is so worth it. Two beautiful boys who will be the best of buds and who will fall asleep each night knowing that they are completely loved. Congrats Halle and Marcus!

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