Friday, April 30, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart


Coconut. Not many people know this, but Coconut has been my nickname since I was in Junior High. I am not sure who gave me that name, but I am sure it probably originated from my older brother Richard. Why did he give me that name? The simplest version is, brown on the outside, white in the middle. I could go into a long elaborate story explaining this, but, really… do you really want to know why I gave myself the new name of Jessica in the 6th grade? Or why I had NO idea I was Mexican until I was in the 6th grade? Hehe…yes, all true stories. Anyways, I met another Coconut back in 2001. I just started dating my husband and he introduced me to his old room mate Chris and his wife. It was an INSTANT click. If I told you how a like we are on so many levels, it would probably freak you out. And let me just say, Erica, is an absolute beauty. I am envious of her on so many levels. I want her hair, her smooth skin, her cute little body….and all her clothes. All of them. Oh, and I’ll take her little mini Cooper too, since I am just dreamin’ here.

I love Facebook. For the simple fact that it allows to feel connected to so many people, even though we may be surrounded by a few states. I can find out what they are doing,  feeling, where they went, see their recent pictures, and even send them messages. I just love technology and how it helps me to feel so close, even though we are so far. I was able to reconnect with Erica and her family through Facebook this last year. And although we’ve only lived here for less than 3 years, whoa….I was totally amazed on how much her two beautiful children have grown up! Nicole is now this tall, beautiful, sweet TEENAGER and Carter is now a little man. Although Nicole and Carter have certainly grown, Chris and Erica have somehow managed to turn back the clocks. They haven’t aged one bit. Nada. And for that, I’ve decided to hold their pictures hostage until she divulges all of her beauty secrets…and hands over her wardrobe….and the keys to her car.

This won’t be the last time you see Erica and her beautiful daughter. We also did a Mother Daughter shoot that same evening. So until then, enjoy the Beautiful Olsen Family!

IMG_0209-copy IMG_0216-copyIMG_0194-copyIMG_0311-copyIMG_0313-copyIMG_0252-copyIMG_0274-copyIMG_0227-copyIMG_0321-copy IMG_0333-copy IMG_0345VG54GF16IMG_0369-copyIMG_0361-copyIMG_0381JC IMG_0402AL IMG_0410VG35 IMG_0473AL IMG_0486-copy IMG_0489-copy2 IMG_0496BW IMG_0512BW And since she has the cutest bum ever, I had to get a picture of it!IMG_0517-copy IMG_0524-copy IMG_0537-copy IMG_0551-copy IMG_0554BW IMG_0558-copy IMG_0586JC IMG_0590VG29 IMG_0666-copy IMG_0668-copy IMG_0687-JC