Friday, February 26, 2010

Hot and Not

Today, everyone and their mothers thought it was great day to wash their cars. I drove by 4 different car washes….all FULL. Each lane had at least two cars or more waiting for their turn to wash off all the layers of mud that have accumulated over the past few days. I can’t stand having a dirty car….I believe it is the Californian in me. All the cars in L.A are nice and shiny…even the beaters are clean. However, living in seasons…it’s impossible to always have a clean car, ESPECIALLY in winter. On the way home after running errands, I did a drive by to the self car wash and it was still two cars deep. On my way out, I noticed that the gas station’s car wash was empty…so I quickly purchased a car was then drove up. At that point I was only 1 car behind, with one car in the stall. The inside must have just started because it took another 15 minutes before I actually got to drive in. At that point, I was annoyed because the kids were getting restless (I don’t blame them…it was nap time) and when I glanced back at the self car wash, the car I would have been behind, was LONG gone. So, we roll in, watch the machine spray soap, water, more soap, water…kids start freaking out….me calming them down…..then finally, we are done. I pulled out slowly to let the fan blow off the excess water, got out to push the mirrors back out, only to notice that the car was STILL dirty! Are you kidding me? UGH! There is nothing more annoying than to pay money for something and not get what you paid fo. I am done with drive thru car washes. This leads me to my new segment of the week….Hot and Not. Each week I will be sharing a few of my experiences …the hot and not so hot moments. Enjoy!




American Airlines. They had such awesome last minute airfares, my mom and niece were able to visit for Travis’ birthday! YAY!

Costco. They have this sneaky way of making you feel good about spending more than you planned on by only charging $1.50 for a hot dog combo. Great marketing.

Beth Moore. I absolutely LOVE listening to this incredible woman speak and teach. Each week, in our bible study of Ester, she says something that speaks to my heart and fills me with peace.

Salvation Army…check out the post below to see my new antique camera. Even better….the price tag: $9.99!!

Girl scout cookies. It’s all about Thin Mints and Samoas!

Windows Live Writer. You can create a post, add pictures, publish without going online! The best feature is how easy it is to upload and resize pictures….instead of hassling with blogger and having to change all the dimensions the hard way. I highly recommend this for all your bloggers out there!





Drive thru car washes…need I say more?

Costco. I got tricked again in buying more than I needed and now I am reminded about it every time I burp up hot dog.

The Olympics coverage. Our networks seem to have limited coverage of all the events…not to mention have interfered with my favorite show Biggest Loser.

Winter….you’ve been torturing me since September….now just-go-away!



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  1. I totally feel you on dirty cars in winter! In CT you may as well just forget about it until Spring!