Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Capturing Your: Peek-A-Boo


Let’s face it…being a mother is a lot of work. Our children have so many important needs that we have to attend to…diapers, food, playtime, school, more food, more diaper changes…..the list goes on and on…so the first thing out the window, or at least in my case, is my looks. Truth be told, I RARELY get dressed during the week…or do my hair…or makeup….and as a common courtesy to the public I at least attempt to look presentable when I do make public appearances. If you were to unexpectedly drop by my house during the week, chances are I wouldn’t answer the door because I would seriously be too hideous to look at.

Despite this, we as mothers, still want to feel beautiful, desired and…ahem…sexy. Underneath all the food stains, layers of cotton dirty tee shirts, and polka dotted socks, we are still someone’s wife. This past Valentine’s Day, I was able to help a wife  give a special gift to her husband….beautiful pictures of her. For those of you with a wild imagination, I will take all the guessing work out for you. These were done in taste, with class and elegance…. nothing provocative. I believe that my photography is a reflection of me, so I wouldn’t do anything that I would be embarrassed or remorseful about….nor would I ask that our my clients. Out of respect, privacy and permission, I will only post pictures that show off her nice legs and FAB-U-LOUS shoes. I had a fun time….it is definitely a new experience for me and one that I can’t wait to do again….but the goal, as with all my photo shoots, is to make the client feel comfortable, feel natural, and to have fun. Once this achieved, it makes for some really wonderful shots. And I should know…I got to see ALL the pictures :)



  1. Michelle! I have always wanted to do this but never knew who I would trust to take the pics (and do it tastefully). I would totally let you do it. So one day when my baby-making days are over AND I've managed to lose ALL the baby weight that comes along with three kids then I want to do this too! How many years in the future do you book?? =D

  2. LOL! You have the cutest little body I am positive you will bounce back immediately :) I would LOVE to do it...they are so much fun! I believe everyone can be sexy without looking trashy. Just say when and we'll do it. Hope you are feeling well!