Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday 4th Birthday Travis!


This past Saturday, my “baby” turned 4! Although he is the eldest of our two, I still consider him my baby because I just can’t let him grow up! I remember vividly being in the hospital, holding all 4lbs 10 oz of him, watching the winter Olympics (because there was NOTHING else on), and thinking, next time the Olympics is on, you’ll be 4. And just like that, 4 years has flown by and I stood there with my little man child, decorating his birthday cake…together. I LOVE this child more than anything…..a mother’s love for her child is completely indescribable and at times overwhelming. I love his smile, his sweet little voice, the way he puts his hand on my face and says “Mommy you are so beautiful”, even though I am covered in sweat, his funny little sayings, his silly dance, his huge heart, his little bum cheeks, his itty bitty baby teeth and the his ability to say the sweetest things at the perfect time to melt my heart. Each year comes with it’s set of challenges, but through it all, my love for him grows deeper, my appreciation for his beautiful character grows stronger, my hair becomes thinner at times from wanting to pull it out, and my life becomes richer by the day by having him in my life.

So, today, Mommy wants to wish you a very Happy Birthday! It is my promise to love you unconditionally, pick you up when you fall, continually encourage you to be a man after God’s heart, be your safe haven, write down all your silly phrases and keep them in the “Travis Jar”, make sure I am always on time…I don’t want to give you a complex like me about being late, wipe your tears, kiss your boo boos, laugh at your jokes…and dancing…..and just be the Mommy that you deserve to have. I love you my little McGee and look forward to a life time with you. Cheers to four…and so much more!

Enjoy the many expressions of Travis!

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