Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Special Announcement!

I love blog stalking. I stalk everything from photography, to scrapbooking, friends….food…you name it! My daily routine is to check email, run downstairs to make sure the kids are ok, run back upstairs to attempt to “stalk”, run back downstairs to ask, “what happened?”, run back upstairs, attempt to “stalk” again, then run back stairs and finally give in to the kids and put on a show. After multiple runs up and down the stairs, I usually just give up or continue stalking.

Well, today on one of my blogs I stalk, Justin and Mary announced that they will be giving away one lucky blogger the new Totally Rad Actions Lightroom Presets! SCORE! I use Totally Rad Actions to help me with my editing process and just recently Doug Boutwell came out with Presets for Lightroom! I can’t tell you enough how awesome his actions are, how much time they save me, and how much I love playing around with them to create my own actions. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (get the idea) to own the TRA Lightroom actions…it would be like celebrating Christmas in March, or better yet…like wearing flip flops in March…or even better….celebrating Christmas in March while wearing flips flops and enjoying a Mai Tai (Oh beach and warm weather, how much I miss you)!!

So in addition to the cool presets, I wanted to encourage all those Photographers who will be attending WPPI in Vegas next week, to be sure to attend Justin and Mary’s Platform speech a week from today. I broke the rules a bit because I do not tweet via twitter, however, I think a blog is just as powerful to spread the word to all my blog stalkers. So in lieu of a tweet, here’s the info:

justinmarantz and @marymarantz are giving away "STUFF WE LOVE" at their WPPI Platform one week from today. Tuesday, March 9th 3:30pm Pls RT"

And if you haven’t checked out Justin and Mary’s blog yet, please stop by and take a look. They are EXTREMELY talented photographers and I know that you’ll become a blog “stalker” too! http://www.justinmarantz.com/

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  1. Would love to go to a WPPI too. Maybe we can plan a road trip the year we are home that year! LOVE YOU!!!!