Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure…

You’ve heard that saying, “one man's trash is another man's treasure." So often this has become a reality of mine. I love garage sailing, hitting flee markets, even going to thrift stores. I remember when I lived in California, we lived amongst the rich and scored so many deals on their “charity”. There was a Salvation Army right down the street where we lived and every now and then, I would go in and take a peek. I was always amazed on what was donated there….pretty much brand new merchandise was available. I love finding the needle in the haystack, even if it means I have endure the awful smell of a thrift store and sterilize my clothes and self after rummaging through all the junk….I guess that is part of the fun.

During the spring, I especially love going garage sailing! I will checkout Craigslist to “map out” my plan of attack and either drive throughout the neighborhoods or plan my run around areas that are close to my neighborhood. Even Travis has gotten in on the fun and asks, “are we going to look for junk today?” Currently, I am in search of a Victorian Style chair to use for my photo shoots which you will most like see once I find the perfect score, but until then, I will keep searching online and visit our local antique stores….which brings me to the whole reason for this post :)


When I was in Californian visiting, I went shopping at this huge antique store called King Richards. There is so much to see, it could seriously take HOURS of visiting every booth that is set up. When I was there, I found my first “antique” camera. It’s a 1970’s Polaroid camera…and if you look at my profile picture at top, you will see it. It came with it’s original case, the flash, instructions, and even some old film. Eventually, I will order some new film and give this Polaroid a whirl. Today, I added another addition to my camera collection…and old antique Kodak camera. I completely love all the intricate details and am curious wondering who’s family, memories, hobby, and travels it captured. It is a bit beat up on the outside, which to me, only adds more character and charm to it. I look forward to using it in an upcoming themed photo shoot I have in store and putting this camera back in to use….or at least back into the “picture”.



  1. Love them :) I wish I had brought the collection I got from Grandpa S with me, but I guess I would have been sad if something had happened to them here too. Love the 2nd old one for sure :)


  2. Oooh LOVE!! Those cameras are the bomb!

  3. love those & i know what you mean... score on other people's old stuff huh? ;) have a great week!!


  4. i just found you on the b school... i love your blog! i had to comment on this post because i too have such started collecting vintage cameras!! i bought my first one a couple weeks ago. i also have the same love as you for going to flea markets, antique stores and garage sales!! you never know what treasures you will find! :)