Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Capturing Your: Anticipation

It's amazing how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday Travis was born, but soon he will be 4. I just celebrated my 31st birthday but can't get over the fact that 10 years ago I was 21...really....did 10 years just pass by that quick? And now my little baby, who isn't so little anymore....a year and half. Sheesh! It's always easier to think that about how fast someone else pregnancy flew, but when you are actually going through the process yourself, it seems like eternity! That's how I feel about Ozzie's pregnancy. It seems like just last week we were sitting in Starbucks talking about she still had another 20 plus weeks to go and now, she is finally in the home stretch!

Ozzie and I were introduced through a mutual friend shortly after we both relocated to our new hometown. I remember snooping on her FB page and discovering that she a talented photographer. I browsed through her pictures and was just amazed at her wonderful eye and skills she has as a photographer. I love learning new things about photography, especially through my fellow photographers. It's always great to have a fresh perspective and to share ideas and tips with one another.

I had a fun time taking pictures with Ozzie just last week. Notice, I said taking pictures with in we took turns taking pictures of each other. I needed some new profile pictures and Ozzie graciously took some amazing shots of the one in my new banner at top. And if you are a friend on FB, my new profile picture is also compliments of the talented Mrs. Ozzie! It's always a bit intimidating taking pictures of another photographer. I wonder what is going through their they think this is a good shot, can they recommend better, am I too slow and on and on and on! However, it was easy with Ozzie because she was a natural and I believe could envision what I had in mind. I had a great time just hanging out, talking photography, pregnancy stories, weather, kids, going to lunch... and also freezing our butts off since it was in the low 40's and cloudy!

Thank you Ozzie for such a wonderful time to hang out and have some "girl time" together! I look forward to many more girl dates together and hearing all about your new baby girl Tayla!

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