Friday, February 5, 2010


2000. How did you party like it was 1999? For me, I remember I went out with all my girlfriends to dinner, then hit a fun pub/club near our college. We were dressed in our usual party girl attire, hair curled and sprayed, make-up and body glitter from MAC, hats with the year 2000 on top....and how could I forget....our 2000 sunglasses. Yes, we were "those dorks"!

For some of you, you may remember 2000 as the year that the computers were suppose to crash and vital information would be permanently lost.....creating chaos in the banks, hospitals, airports...pretty much anything that used computers to store information. At the time, I worked for a bank and even though banks are closed on major holidays such as New Years Day, I had to report to check our computer systems, ATM and run a series of test to ensure that no data was lost....which surprise surprise....everything was fine.

Well, today, my blog reached 2000 hits! In all honesty, I thought that the only person who would check out my photography blog was my mom...because after all, you can always count on your mom. It's like when someone gets on TV, the first person they give a shout out to is their "Hi Mom, I'm on TV!!". For me, it's "Hi Mom, look what I did at school today!" However, turns out, she rarely checks it out so obviously there are a few others out there who come back for whatever reason. Regardless of the reasons for visiting, it's pretty cool to see that there are a few who keep coming back. So, thanks!

And since this is a photography blog, not History 101, here's a picture of my sweet boy! He was super excited that he FINALLY saw a train nearby our house after 2.5 years! Yes, he was a wee bit excited :)

Cheers to 2000!

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  1. I love the expressions this guy makes :-) I'm thinking of how much fun he'd be having in 30" of snow - it tickles my heart and makes me laugh!