Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Think I’ve Made My Final Decision….I “Think”….

After playing around with different ideas, experimenting with different logos, colors, fonts, placement of all of the mentioned above, I think….”think”….I have found the combination that I like. First of all, I have been desiring to move forward with finding a brand that represents me. This was so hard for me to think about because on one hand I LOVE fashion, things that sparkle, getting dolled up, the night life and on the other hand, I LOVE simplicity, could live on a island wearing nothing but a sarong and flip flops, and natural beauty.  Yes, I know, very bipolar.  So, I decided that I would approach the decision making processing by projecting where I would like to be in the next few years and what I intend on accomplishing in my photography. So although my heart longs to be living on an island, sipping mai tais and going to Luaus for dates, realistically I know that will be something I will have to wait until retirement.

So I went for the glam, the sparkle and the modern design that I am so attracted to. I found my inspiration in a design catalogue called Chiasso at my girlfriends house in L.A a few months back. I have always LOVED interior design and actually studied it for 4 long years in college. From the time I was able to know what Barbie was, I would spend hours playing with all her furniture, designing and arranging the perfect Barbie house. If I had my way, I would replace all the kid friendly furniture and neutral decor for sophisticated furniture, contemporary accessories that would add glitz and glam and be perfect for DINKS that love to entertain. So…since this is not going to happen in my lifetime, I figured I could put a little of that in my logo. Below are the pictures that helped Graphic Designer Michele Kuns create my sparkly camera. I LOVE how she nailed it on the first try! Below is a picture of sculptures that created the vision for the camera body, particularly the middle sculpture. I knew that boxy wouldn’t cut it, so I wanted the “body” of the camera to be a little more abstract. The second picture of the array wall sculpture was the inspiration for the sparkle that came out of the camera as the flash went off. For those of you who know me, I love to complete my look with accessories, especially ones that sparkle…and the bigger the better :) And lastly, the pillow is the inspiration for the color scheme in my logo, stationary, blog background, etc.






So after all these attempts and revisions, I finally made a decision…..

IMG_3692 copy

and here it is….

Sparkly, simple, glitzy, and modern….Me.IMG_3692LogowithText

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