Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart


I met Ambree this past summer at the park through our mutual friend Janet. Although I had never formally met Ambree, the little that I did know about her, I knew she would be lots of fun. So, when we all had a playdate together, Derek wasted no time and ran up to Ambree, held up his hands, and then snuggled with her for the next few minutes. Although Derek had NO clue who Ambree was, it was as if he instinctively knew that Ambree was a beautiful person. Today, several months later, I can testify to Derek’s initial thoughts that Ambree is a beautiful woman, with an infectious laugh, vibrant personality and a great sense of humor! I absolutely LOVED our session with this wonderful family. They all came so beautifully dressed, with their cute props, big smiles and eagerness to have a great time. I can’t say enough good things about Ambree and her family….and am SO happy that Ambree wanted to use part of the session time to get some beautiful pictures of her and Matt….since like most couples, the last “formal” pictures of them as a couple was their wedding. Alright, so enough of my babbling and on with the pictures! Thank you Matt and Ambree for such a FUN time!

IMG_1146-copy IMG_1173 IMG_1188-copy IMG_1190-copy IMG_1198-copy IMG_1270-copyIMG_1292-copyIMG_1298-copyIMG_1315-copy IMG_1316-copy IMG_1334-copy IMG_1341bwwarm17 IMG_1343-copy IMG_1377bwwarm12 IMG_1405-copy IMG_1461-copy IMG_1467-copy IMG_1475-copy IMG_1515-copy IMG_1550bw IMG_1556-copy IMG_1565-copy IMG_1573bwant15 IMG_1586-copy IMG_1638al2 IMG_1656bwwarm12IMG_1660-copy IMG_1666-copy IMG_1667-copy IMG_1671-copy IMG_1693-copy IMG_1703-copy IMG_1717-copy IMG_1719-copy IMG_1728bwwarm11IMG_1757-copyIMG_1747-(2)-copyIMG_1218-copy

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  1. Beautiful work! I especially like the ones of just the couple.