Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Construction Zone

There’s this awesome hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Los Sanchez that our family has been going to since we were really young. The food is absolutely to die for and I can recall the many late night runs we would make just to get their nachos and bean and cheese burritos. One thing that has always caught my attention, besides the food, is the mixed match decorations they have throughout the restaurant. I mean, NOTHING matches…nothing. If there was open space on the wall, they filled it with the most random things…posters, wicker fans, t shirts, pictures of Caballeros in the fields with the horses, calendars…I mean, nothing was off limits. And what is probably even funnier is that they were completely unaware of the randomness and the horrible decorations they had throughout the restaurant. I remember sitting there with my mom and designing in our minds the “proper” way to decorate and just LAUGHING at how silly everything looked. The fun part about going there too was the fact that it would all be different the next time we went.

Well, that is what I feel like my blog emulating at this current time. Nothing matches, nothing flows, I have mixed match logos, colors, font…it is just the blog version of Los Sanchez. I am currently in the process of updating my “brand” and with some of my limitations, it will continue to be a WIP. And you know, it may always be a WIP because as I evolve, so will my brand and what I want to project. So, although I may not have awesome nachos to offer, or cheesy calendars, I am offering bits and pieces of my journey as I continue to evolve in my photography.

And since each blog is better with a picture, here’s one of my lil’ guy Derek. He is thrilled because daddy was just about to launch a large rock into the stream.


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