Monday, November 15, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart

IMG_1878-copyI think this first picture sums of the energy of this family…playful! A few weeks back I met with this great family and had fun frolicking in the fields taking their pictures. Ok, maybe I wasn’t a frolicking Fraulein Maria, but I did have a great time capturing the playfulness and uniqueness of each family member. All the kids are so talented and are involved in many activities such as dancing and football. And of course, none of that talent is left at home and I had fun capturing the talents that make them tick! I think what is most beautiful about their family is their commitment to be such godly role models to their 5 beautiful children. Jim and Laura are such faithful servants to the church we attend and their love for the church and God is reflected throughout. Thank you Jim and Laura for giving me the opportunity to take your family pictures! I had such a great time and hope you enjoy the memories for years to come!IMG_1849-copyIMG_1826-copy IMG_1853-copy IMG_1866-copy IMG_1871-copyIMG_1891-copy IMG_1900-copy IMG_1906-copy IMG_1907-copy IMG_1912-copy IMG_1918-copy IMG_1922-copy milani3IMG_1972BWIMG_1931-copy IMG_1937-copy IMG_1951BW IMG_1954-copyIMG_1980-copy MilaniIMG_1994-copy IMG_2003-copy IMG_2022-copy IMG_2026-copyIMG_1887-copyIMG_2035-copy IMG_2050BW IMG_2064bw IMG_2071-copyIMG_2094-copy IMG_2105-copyIMG_2076-copyMilani2 

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