Thursday, November 18, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart

IMG_2904-copy I can completely understand how a three year old would feel a bit overwhelmed and shy at our initial meet. I mean, we are all taught not to talk to strangers, and yet, I’m a complete stranger with a big ole’ camera pointing right at her. Isn’t that something just reserved for parents and grandparents? That is exactly how Madison initially felt upon our meeting and I don’t entirely blame her. I mean, there are more important things to a three year old than taking family pictures…like dolls, cartoons, snacks and playtime. Well, that shyness didn’t last too long and Madison eventually warmed up to me…after all, she only had to take “12” pictures…but who’s counting?  What a beautiful family Madison comes from….Grandparents who she refers to as Baca and Bama, who have been married for 46 years but who met when they both were 3 months old in their church nursery! Now, 65 years later they are still in love and beam when they tell their story of how they met! Madison’s mommy and daddy have a fun story too…they met at a golf tournament that they both were working/volunteering at, have been married for 5 years and welcomed Madison 3 years ago.

I had such a wonderful time meeting this sweet family who adores one another, especially Madison. And, I had no shortage of pictures of Madison, who luckily wasn’t keeping track of the “12” pictures that she was only going to take! At the end, her reward for taking her pictures was a HUGE sucker and a trip to get the new Toy Story movie. As we left, Madison gave me a sweet kiss and on my drive home, my cheek was all sticky and I smelled like a berry lollipop! I just love the sweetness of children and am so grateful that I got to meet this wonderful family. Thank you for such a wonderful evening!

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I love her enthusiasm when she was told she as all done :)IMG_3315 

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