Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Change…


When I first started toying with the idea about doing photography as a business, I was so naive about what being a photographer really involved. I thought it was just about taking pictures, making them all purdy, then giving them to my clients to hang on their walls. Wrong. There is so much more involved than that….we are marketers, blog stalkers, writers, creators, accountants, shoppers, Facebooker, HTML writers (or aspiring), researchers….everything you didn’t think photography was. I am definitely not at a point where I can outsource in the areas that I need help with but I am definitely at a point where I am able to recognize my limitations. Last night, I thought I would research how to change my blog background, only to discover I completely erased all my settings and was stuck with some generic Joe Shmoe template provided by Blogger…I just about died. Since dying wasn’t an option, I temporarily denied access so that no one could see the mess that I made. Phew. But this is an example of my limitations with one of the many aspects of photography. I have managed to create a few things here on my wee little blog to personalize it, but again, I am limited because of knowledge. I have BIG ideas and little expertise. So, yes, I have decided to outsource some of the changes I know that I simply cannot and will not be able to do on my own…like create a new logo…and banner. I am working with Michele Kuns, who is graphic  and web designer, to help create a logo that will represent my business. I am excited to have my vision of what I would like my photography to exude and will be slowly making those changes during the upcoming weeks. I am aiming to create a brand that really represents me, my passions, my strengths, all in one.

So, after all this, why is Jessica the featured photos for this post? Well, that’s because she is going to be a part of my team! I met Jessica through FB when I first added my Your Life, My Lens Facebook Like Page. She clicked on the “Like” button so I check out her profile (yes, I do this to all of you peeps…hehe!). Instantly, I could tell that she had an eye for photography and going beyond your basic snap shot pictures. I sent her a message and from there on, we because fast friends. Jessica LOVES photography and desires to become a photographer after she graduates from High School. Since she still has two years before she throws her cap up in the air, I offered her the opportunity to work alongside of me so that she can get a strong “feel” for what photography is and is not. Now, I am not claiming that I know everything about photography, I am sooooooo far from that, but I am willing to share, teach and guide Jessica based on the knowledge I do have and also have her experience some of the changes and process of those changes during our partnership. I have discovered that the more I learn, the more I learn I still have A LOT to learn. I have worked incredibly hard this past year, losing more sleep with photography than the sleep loss with having  newborns…combined. I know the long road that lies ahead, so I am all about paying it forward and extending this opportunity and learning experience to Jessica. We totally click, even though I am an old fart…she totally get’s my lame humor, my mommy brain and is cool with being picked up in a minivan in front of her high school…so she is definitely a keeper. Jessica, I am so excited that you trust me to teach you about photography because really, I have no idea what I am doing. I  hope at the end of this you will discover your passion, learn from my mistakes and yours, discover your style, continue to improve and decide if photography is still what you want to pursue after you graduate. And if it isn’t what you want to pursue, you will be billed $478, 325.05….ok, maybe not that much, but I am willing to work out a payment plan for you. No, but seriously, regardless of what you choose, I hope the lessons you learned will last you a lifetime and guide you through your journey of discovery. So Cheers, my right hang gal!

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