Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart


One year later…a new city, a new home and a new baby! Sounds like my story three years ago but this time it’s our old neighbors who get to experience all this change! I’ve gotta give Amber big thumbs up for embracing all this change and excelling all these life changing moments. A few weeks back I got to visit Amber and her family in their new home and their little town that they moved to. There is lots of charm to this small town and I can see why Amber and her family love this change of pace. I also got to meet her new little guy Colton! He is a DOLL and his daddy’s little clone! Wyatt and Noah LOVE their little brother and it was very sweet to watch their admiration and care for their little brother. It was great to be able to take their family pictures again, especially with their newest member! Congratulations Jason and Amber on your new lil’ guy! Thank you for being so hospitable and big thanks to Wyatt and Noah for letting me sleep in their Outer Space room!

IMG_0427vg23 IMG_0443BWAnt IMG_0455al2 IMG_0467-copy IMG_0478vg16 IMG_0488-copy IMG_0490-copy IMG_0494Vg15 IMG_0500vg15 IMG_0502vg18 IMG_0509vg15 IMG_0520vg15 IMG_0532-copy 

After some pictures in front of their home, we switched gears and went to a local park.IMG_0560-copy IMG_0584 IMG_0586vg12 IMG_0596-copy IMG_0599-copy IMG_0604

Oh my goodness…I LOVE LOVE LOVE his little chunky thighs!IMG_0611al2nogfw IMG_0612alnogfw IMG_0616-AL2 IMG_0634al2blog IMG_0639al2 IMG_0656AL2 IMG_0661AL2IMG_0670al2IMG_0667al2IMG_0673vg10 IMG_0676al2 IMG_0693-copy IMG_0702alnogfwIMG_0741al2IMG_0736al2IMG_0761-copy IMG_0765-copy IMG_0772AL2 

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