Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart

  IMG_8275 I was blessed with two boys…Travis and Derek. Boys that love to run around…all day, who love to wrestle with each other, who think burps and farts are something to announce and be proud of, who instantly gravitate towards dirt whenever it is in sight, who think it’s funny to pick their nose…and eat it too. Boys. Two of them. My dream of ever having a girl is over and for me, photographing a little girl is my dream fulfilled. I get the tutu, the butterfly wings, the cute little ruffled dresses, the bows, the flowers…everything!

This past photo session, I was given that opportunity and absolutely loved it. Mckenzie, almost two, was all personality and such a joy to photograph. It was beautiful to see the strong bond that she shares with her daddy…. defining daddy’s little girl. Mckenzie is full of energy, very bright and very animated. Hands down, she gives the BEST animal impersonations ever…my favorite being the coyote! Recently, this sweet family added baby Colton to their family. Colton was super smiley, very easy going and so alert. He was such a trooper during the whole photo shoot! I love meeting new families, hearing about how they first met, their interests, and their lives. So thank you and  Melissa and Keith, for letting me be a part of your weekend and inviting me to capture your beautiful family. Congratulations!

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