Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Capturing Your: Reflections

   IMG_9038-copy-2 Meet Courtney, Class of 2011!  When Courtney stepped out of the car, I was shocked on how tall and stunning she was. Then she smiled and I immediately noticed her perfect teeth. Her outward beauty isn’t the only thing that stood out during our session, but also her inward beauty.  Courtney has this sweet giggle and I got to hear it a lot…mostly because she was laughing at my crazy requests and probably because she thought I was a dork. Regardless, I was able to capture these beautiful pictures of Courtney that will be a part of her High School Senior experience. I love taking pictures of seniors and Courtney was no exception. All the best to you Courtney as you finish your Senior year and pursue your dreams!

IMG_9033-copy-2IMG_9018-copy-2IMG_8969-copyIMG_9059-copy IMG_9094-copy IMG_9110-copyIMG_9112-copy-2

  The sun was so yummy that evening and so complimentary to the beautiful fall colors.IMG_9142 IMG_9145IMG_9159-copy IMG_9167-copy IMG_9182 IMG_9186-copy IMG_9191 IMG_9200 IMG_9212-copy IMG_9222-copy IMG_9239-copy IMG_9268-copy-2 IMG_9280 IMG_9286-2 IMG_9313-2IMG_9299-copy-2IMG_9334-2IMG_9355 IMG_9371-copy