Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The $4 Ice Cream


Yup, that’s right, $4 for those two measly fudge ice cream bars..two to be exact. When I think about $4 ice cream, I think of some fancy italian gelato, or some frozen yogurt from Pinkberry loaded with my favorite toppings. Not the bleh fudge bars that you can buy from Target for $2 for a pack of 12. But…that’s what I paid when we heard the ice cream truck roaming our streets. We happily ran out, screamed stop, jumped up and down and ran over to the truck. My boys were so excited they kept changing their minds but I had to make it for them…the $$$ spoke. We bought the cheapest ice cream….most ranging from $2-$5. Seriously, the first thing that ran through my mind was, “And they say, California is more expensive?” Sheesh, the most expensive ice cream truck ice cream is $2.  Aww…but the whole point of our ice cream truck experience was for those priceless smiles. It was definitely worth being robbed for $4 bucks….definitely.IMG_1791 IMG_1799 IMG_1810 IMG_1812

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