Friday, July 30, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart


What a difference a year makes…especially with little youngsters! You may recognize Brady and Brooke from my very first photo shoots….I had the privilege  of taking their family pictures and birthday pictures last year. They both had such baby faces and Brooke had very little hair :) We went from shaking rattles and bribing them to smile with candy to super photogenic and cooperative….with just a little bit of bribery ;) But despite the number of inches they’ve grown, one thing that continues to remain strong, is their brother and sister bond. If you recall, these two are just 11 months a part and Brooke was present for Brady’s first birthday (all you moms are saying….holy cow…yes…holy cow and big applause for Marti and Jeff for surviving those tough nights).  Brooke and Brady are best friends, partners in crime, each other’s ally and also each other’s toy threat….hehe…just like all siblings! I am so grateful for this opportunity to share once again with this beautiful family, especially since their encouragement and support really launched my confidence and drive to pursue my hobby. If anyone family has witnessed all the changes in my business, it would be them. I am honored that they would continue to support me and join me a long the ride as I continue to pursue my hobby. Thanks again Jeff, Marti, Brady and Brooke! Happy 4th and 3rd Birthday!

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  1. Great shots Michelle! Love the train tracks!

  2. GAH! What a cute, cute family! Those 2 little ones have the brightest smiles on Earth!