Monday, July 5, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart


Hot and muggy was the forecast for this photo shoot. It seriously felt like we were in Florida…getting bit by mosquitoes and sweating like crazy. However, it will not be evident in these pictures. They were completely unfazed and made the most of their time. Typically I have to “coach” a bit in front of the camera, but for them it totally came naturally. They were so playful and I could tell that they enjoyed the simple pleasure of spending time together….whether it was tickling, playing peek a boo, blowing bubbles, or giving Eskimo kisses!  Their laughter was contagious and their affection genuine.

Bethany and Andy have been together since high school and now have two beautiful children, big brother Cooper and cutie pie Norah. I discovered that Cooper LOVES super Heroes….and even brought his Superman shirt and cape! He wasn’t shy the least bit to pose like Superman and happily demonstrated a few stunts for me… like “flying” through the sky. Even more precious was how much Norah loved the sound of Cooper’s voice and presence of her big brother which she showed by smiling ear to ear. You can tell that these two have a very special bond which I am sure melts their parent’s heart. Thank you so much Andy, Bethany, Cooper and Norah for letting me be a part of your morning! You are truly a beautiful loving family! Congrats to the new Four!

IMG_0040-copy IMG_0084-copy IMG_0185AL2IMG_0263AL2PP35 IMG_0285AL2 IMG_0301AL2 IMG_0317AL2 IMG_0330-copy IMG_0351BWANTIMG_9998-copyIMG_9979-copyIMG_0382AL2 IMG_0405-copy IMG_0510VG60 IMG_0519-copyWhat a doll!!  IMG_0534-copyI just LOVE how die hard the fans are in Denver. There are no such thing as band wagon fans in Denver!IMG_0561AL Awww…Cooper is SO handsome. I love love love his hair do and his baby blues! IMG_9878AL IMG_9889VG72 I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Cooper! IMG_9910AL IMG_9911AL IMG_9921AL IMG_9928-copy IMG_9973AL2


  1. This family sure knows how to have fun! I love their smiles! And because I have a little boy, I am especially fond of the Superman shots!

  2. What a beautiful family! LOOOOOVE the Superman costume!