Sunday, August 1, 2010

Capturing Your: Bliss

IMG_0587-copyLast month, I was given another opportunity to second shoot with Paul from Paul Steinke Photography. This is only my second wedding and again am so grateful for Paul’s invitation to shoot with him by his side. I honestly never thought that I would enjoy shooting weddings because there are no second chances, but working with an amazing photographer, being in the moment, and having a beautiful bride and location…gives me all the motivation and drive to rise to the occasion. I feel that I have learned so much but also realize how much MORE I have to learn.

Part of the fun in shooting a wedding is seeing all the details, thought and love poured into making this day, a day that will forever stand in the hearts of the bride and groom. As a bride 7 years ago, I can appreciate all the hard months of preparation and thought that was put in to make this day truly special and unique. Sarah was no different. She had beautiful details..everything from her mother’s wedding veil, to the flowers, food, and party favors. Although the weather was forever changing and rain threatened the day…nothing could spoil the day. And it was their absolutely lucky day…..they had a double rainbow during their couple pictures. I am guessing they should have played the lotto that day….but then again, what is luckier than finding your best friend to do life with? Congratulations Sarah and Richard! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. I wish you all the best!

IMG_0602AL IMG_0606-copy IMG_0617JC IMG_0625AL IMG_0648-copy IMG_0649vintageCG IMG_0675-copy IMG_0680BWANT IMG_0683BWANT IMG_0716ALNOGFW IMG_0720BWANT IMG_0725BWANT IMG_0735ALNOGFW IMG_0738BWANT IMG_0753BWANT IMG_0759BWANT IMG_0824BWANT IMG_0855ALNOGFW IMG_0860-copy    The CeremonyIMG_0988-copy IMG_0999-copy IMG_1015-BWANT IMG_1028BWANT IMG_1080JC

The DetailsIMG_0914-copyIMG_0906-copyIMG_0899-copy

IMG_0930-copyIMG_1051-copy IMG_1054-copy IMG_1058-copy IMG_1066-copyIMG_1223-copyIMG_1322-copyIMG_1255-copyIMG_1206-copy

  The new bride and groomIMG_1117-2IMG_1118-2 IMG_1143-copy IMG_1146ALNOGFWIMG_1378-copy IMG_1380-copy IMG_1397al IMG_1431JC IMG_1438AL IMG_1448BWANT IMG_1557JC IMG_1568-copy IMG_1690-copy IMG_1696-copy IMG_1709-copy IMG_1721BWANT


  1. The bride is stunning - so beautiful, so regal. What a happy couple. You not only captured all the details of their beautiful day, but you captured the love in the room. Gorgeous work!

  2. Beautiful work! I know what you mean by photographing weddings! It is an unforgetable experience of great joy as you get to witness the entire process from the beginning to end. Beautiful stunning work! I hope you continue to work on weddings!