Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hot and Not

My FB status this past Friday read: Friday! Yay!!! We had a great day going to our local pool, spending a few hours with the kids playing in the water, had a great lunch, good naps, some yummy Chinese food for dinner, and had the kids in bed at a reasonable hour. After the kids went to bed, Chad and I got to spend some time together cuddling on the couch, eating popcorn and watching the movie The Hurt Locker. It was a great movie about the reality of the Iraqi war and just war in general. My appreciation for these men and women who bravely risk their lives for our country has deepened significantly. On our way upstairs, we heard Travis say, “Daddy, my throat hurts”, so we both went into the room to check on him. Chad picked him up to rock him when Travis hurled ALL over him! All I am thinking is…REALLY? You can’t be serious! So, for the next hour, Chad and I spend the remainder of our Friday night, cleaning up puke, bathing Travis, taking him back to the bathroom to hurl some more, giving him medicine and giving some may-ja TLC to our little sick-e-pooh. Nothing screams romance like nights like this, however, I must admit, my love for Chad and the awesome partner that he is, deepened that.much.more.



My husband and best friend Chad. Thank you so much for taking the “hit” for our team.

Our troops who have left their families and friends to bravely defend our country. I am speechless when it comes to their sacrifices, especially those who sacrificed their lives. Speechless.

Resolve Cleaner. Darn, you can get the stain and smell out of ANYTHING.

Blog love…oh how I love you. Thanks for the shout outs! Hollar!

65 degree weeks during winter. I am so close to being happily reunited with my precious flip flops.




Ummm….this one is easy. Vomit. I am!

The Bachelor! Boo on your Jake. I can’t believe you picked Vienna over Tenley. Can’t wait to hear that you guys are OVER!

The Bachelor…again! For picking Ali as the next Bachelorette instead of Tenley. Um hello, she left the show for her job…what makes you think she won’t do it again?

Telemarketers. What makes you think I will say “yes” at 7 AM in the morning?

Foxes in the city. You ate my friend’s dog Reba. So not cool. RIP Reba.

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