Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank You Chantelle!


Look what I got in the mail as a surprise gift? Yes, it is a bit unusual, however if you know the story behind these little treats, it makes perfect sense and is rather funny. Simple story…I am a bugle thief. When my mother in law makes a nuts and bolts party mix, those little guys are my favorite! So, I eat those out of the mixture….and if you are sharing a bowl with me…umm…sorry, their gone. So, my sister in law sent Chantelle sent these as a gift because she is the one who got shafted.  So thanks your Chantelle for sending these bugles…’s not just the treat I enjoy, but the love and thoughts that were sent my way. And when we see each other again, and share a bowl of nuts and bolts…I am still going to eat the bugles :) I guess it’s time to find a new bowl buddy! Ah, ok, I let you have a few ;)


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