Saturday, September 4, 2010

Capturing Your: Future



One week late. Not a big deal, if it’s a library book,  a letter in the mail, a belated birthday card, or a movie rental….but a baby, that’s a whollllllllllllle ‘nother story people. As mothers, the thought of going a week past our due date is just something we have NO interest in. Um, hulllllo, it’s 40 weeks doctors…not 40 weeks and a few day…40, four oh, four zeroooo, caurenta. In our minds, the fine print says, 40 weeks. Period. Well, for baby Easton, the doctors let him stay in his mommy’s nice warm belly for an additional week….as in 41 weeks. Those last weeks of pregnancy are so terribly uncomfortable and the long days are spent anxiously awaiting for those contractions to start so you can meet your new baby, so to have another week…ugh!

However, we all know that waiting for your baby is SO worth the wait, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Easton was welcomed into this world on August 24th weighing 8lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 long! It was so awesome getting to meet him for the first time the other day and holding him, especially since a lot of us women got to hear about Ashley’s experience during our weekly bible study. And awww….he was sooo precious and beautiful! I couldn’t get over how much he looked like his big brother Carter! As a mother of two boys, it’s amazing how fast you forget how “little” 8lbs looks and that at that age and that there’s only a couple of  things they are interested in: food and sleep :) And although I interrupted the sleeping part, Easton did wonderfully and posed for quite a few shots! As you will see, Easton’s dad proudly serves our country and it was important for me to capture that aspect of Easton’s family. Thank you so much Daddy and Mommy, Big brother Carter and Easton for letting me be a part of Easton’s newborn experience and for welcoming me in your home just 10 days after he was born! Easton is beautiful and I wish your family all the best as you bond with him and welcome him into your hearts! 

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  1. Ohhhh, such precious memories that you have captured. I especially love the depth of the images in the uniform. Well done!!