Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart


Family photo shoots can be so unpredictable. I typically go to a family photo shoot with a list of shots that I’d like to take and make sure that I also get the shots that the family is seeking. By the time I get to the shoot, the list is thrown out the window and I am just going with the flow since kids typically dictate what the agenda is going to look like. This time, the sprinklers dictated what the agenda was going to look like. As I was taking their family picture near a beautiful water fall, all of a sudden we hear “tsk tsk tsk tsk” followed by some rapid “tsk! tsk! tsk! tsk! tsk!, so we look up and see the sprinklers shooting water RIGHT into our direction. We all jump up as fast as we can, grab our stuff…annnnd the kids…and RUN in the opposite direction….only to discover that the sprinklers just popped out in the direction we were now running into. Soooo..that is how this photo shoot began and I am so grateful that it was with friends, not someone I just met for the first time :) Seriously, what city runs their sprinkler systems at 10 AM on a Sunday morning? Apparently the one park that we went to…err! That definitely broke the ice and we definitely got a good laugh out of that! I am so glad that Mike and Michelle are so down to earth and didn’t let a little water ruin their experience. So here’s a look at the rest of the photo shoot and luckily we didn’t get flushed out of our photo spots!

IMG_5304al2 IMG_5307-copy IMG_5347-3 IMG_5352al2 IMG_5377-2-5 IMG_5380-copy IMG_5385VW26 IMG_5387VW26 IMG_5408al2 IMG_5426vg21 IMG_5455-15-copy IMG_5487-17 IMG_5492al2 IMG_5494al2 IMG_5502-19-copy IMG_5510-copy IMG_5569-copy IMG_5573-22 IMG_5676al2 IMG_5700-29 IMG_5703-30 IMG_5706-31 IMG_5717al2 IMG_5721-36 IMG_5729 IMG_5745al2 IMG_5754vg19 IMG_5777al2 IMG_5780vg20 IMG_5796al2 IMG_5815al2 IMG_5839 IMG_5846al2 IMG_5847-copy IMG_5851al2

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  1. Oh, oh! Sprinklers! What a courageous family for sticking it out after getting wet! The kiddos are just too cute for words.