Thursday, September 30, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart

IMG_6876-copy-copyThe last few weeks have been just a blur. I was able to take some time to visit with our family in California and take a break from the day to day responsibilities (ok, that’s just a partial truth….hehe). So this wee little blog has been full of neglect with just a bunch of sneak peeks. I am happy to jump back on board with this super special family! Last May, I completed my first year as a photographer and now I am enjoying some repeat families. Last winter, I was invited to take pictures of these two precious boys just weeks after they were born. They went from being little baldies, to have full heads of hair, from cooing to giggling, from being completely immobile to crawling….all within a few months! I love seeing how much children change within the first year and even though you anticipate those changes, they are always such a shock to actually observe. I commend Marcus and Halle for raising such beautiful children, making those tough sacrifices and applaud them for doing twice the amount of work with twins…and a active toddler! You both are truly amazing and the proof is your three beautiful and healthy children. So once again, enjoy the pictures of this beautiful family! Thanks again for letting me be a part of your morning….even though it was early for Marcus and I :)

Here’s the sweet and beautiful Miss Aiden! She Aiden has the most beautiful piercing blue eyes and was a total ham for the camera. My lucky day!IMG_6904-copyIMG_6920-copy IMG_6922-copy IMG_6928-copy IMG_6941


Meet Mr. Ryan! Ryan could go from serious to giggles in nano seconds….and I just LOVE his precious little giggles!  IMG_6970-copy IMG_6997-copyIMG_6998-2SidebysideSlattery

Meet Ryan’s partner in crime, Mr. Ronin. He’s definitely a daddy’s boy, very active and enjoys being roughed around. That a boy!IMG_7052-copyIMG_7077 IMG_7100-copy IMG_7116-copyIMG_7128-copy

The boys were just fascinated with their reflections in their daddy’s sunglasses. I love the following pictures!IMG_7143-copy IMG_7146-copy IMG_7151-copy IMG_7155-copy IMG_7176 IMG_7244-copy

Ronin is fearless! He definitely enjoys an adrenaline rush! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Marcus roughing him up!IMG_7253-copy IMG_7257-copy IMG_7283-copy

Annnnnd…we’re done! IMG_7288-copy 

  I LOVE Ryan’s expression…it’s priceless!IMG_7291

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