Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Capturing Your: Reflections

IMG_3702-copy Meet Aween, class of 2011! Ok, first things first….can we say GORGE-OUS?? No joke, after our photo shoot, I went home and dyed my hair brown! I was completely in awe over how stunning Aween was that it completely inspired me to go back to my original hair color. Ok, enough about my hair and more about Aween. Aside from her beauty, Aween is a outgoing, energetic Senior who loves hanging out with her friends, shopping, fashion, shoes, upbeat music, reading, and journaling . Definitely a girl after my own heart, at least the shopping, shoes, fashion and upbeat music ….since the only reading I do are bedtime stories for my kiddos and my “journals” consists of grocery lists and to d0 notes. Aween’s mom joined us for the shoot and your could tell that this mother duo definitely has a great time together and beautiful bond. How cool is to be able to have a shopping partner for life? Love it! Aween, I wish you all the best as you enter your Senior year and all the challenges and privileges it offers. You have such an incredible inner beauty and strength that will give you the ability to accomplish anything you want. All the best and thank you for letting me be a part of your senior experience!

IMG_3711-copy IMG_3723-copyIMG_3750-copyIMG_3737bw IMG_3767-copy IMG_3804-copy IMG_3839-copy IMG_3842IMG_3892-copyIMG_3855-copy

She’s a natural at the runway walk. Work it Aween!IMG_3899-copyIMG_3849bw

Simply Beauuuutiful!IMG_3940-copy IMG_3943-copy IMG_3866-copyIMG_3989 IMG_3992-copy IMG_4010-copy IMG_4025IMG_4041-copy

Aween absolutely has the most beautiful complexion and skin…ever!IMG_4038-copyIMG_4046-copy IMG_4053-copy IMG_4056-copy IMG_4069-copy IMG_4077-copy IMG_4079-copy IMG_4095-copy IMG_4117vg24 IMG_4118al2 IMG_4120bw IMG_4122vg26 IMG_4141-copy

Gosh, isn’t her smile contagious?!?!IMG_4158-copy IMG_4159-copy IMG_4166-copy IMG_4197-copy IMG_4205al2