Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Capturing Your: Anticipation

IMG_3279-copy You may recognize Janet from a few months back from a family photo shoot. As you can see, they are adding to their beautiful family…and this time it’s a boy! Janet is one of my closest friends and it is so awesome to be sharing in this experience and looking forward to meeting her new little boy. I totally thought it was going to another girl, but surprise….it’s a boy! Janet, Jesse and the girls couldn’t be more excited to welcome this new little baby into their home, hearts and lives. I just can’t wait until we can go out again and order “non pregnancy” food like deep fried pickles and peppers!

It was such a fun “experience” taking her pictures…since the first night it poured….so we rescheduled for the following more…which meant the kiddos would all be there. At one point, I got pooped on by a bird on my foot, Derek was laying on top of me while I was laying on the ground taking pictures, the kids ate about 3 packs of gummies, 1 sucker each, shared a bottle of fizzy juice and who knows what else we stuffed them with so we could finish up. We had some GREAT laughs and were so proud on how well the kids played together and even relaxed together on the blanket. Definitely an adventure only friends could share. It was definitely a McDonalds lunch which the kids more than deserved :) Janet, I can’t wait to meet your lil’ guy and I look forward to helping you celebrate his arrival soon!

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