Thursday, August 26, 2010

It’s Not What You Think…

IMG_4525I am not a fan of winter…at all. There is nothing appealing about being cold, shoveling snow, being stuck indoors, wearing layers and layers of clothes to make me look two sizes larger, or the thought of living in a sepia world for months on end. Sure, winter is beautiful with snow and great around holidays…but that is all fine and dandy on commercials and postcards….not on my front lawn. I like me my Christmas light palm trees and Santa in his Hawaiian shirt…now that is MY kind of Christmas. So, why am I talking about winter when it is still summer? Well, that’s because I just scored the coolest coffee mug eva! I spotted this rare coffee mug over a year ago and fell in love with it. I ran across this coffee mug just last month and just had to have it! It comes in the 24-105 mm and 70-200mm. Since I don’t drink coffee, this mug will definitely get it’s fair dose of chocolate milk over the long winter season. So even though I can’t stand the thought of winter rapidly approaching, at least I’ll have this cool hot chocolate mug to keep me company!

IMG_4534IMG_4529 IMG_4530


  1. Hehe :) I have the 70-200mm white one at home. Didnt want to bring it to Niger. I found it online last year sometime and had it mailed to mom and dads. Mom was asking me about one for you just maybe a month or so ago..did they get it for you or did you find it elsewhere? Cant wait to use mine!

  2. That is the coolest coffee mug I've ever seen! You will have to let me fill it up with coffee sometime ;-) but becareful I might steal it! ;-)