Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Capturing Your: Heart


The best compliment that a client can give me is a referral. If they are willing to share my information and refer their family and friends…that means the world to me because it validates their love for their experience and their pictures. That’s exactly how I met this next family. I was contacted by Amanda a few months back after she saw pictures that I took of our mutual friends and booked her photo shoot. Amanda wanted to get some pictures of her twin sons and it was perfect timing since they were just turning 1 year old.

As a new mom, the first birthday is always a huge milestone, but when you have two 1 year olds, that just takes the one year milestone to a whole other level! Amanda and her husband are my hero’s! I can’t even imagine what it is like having two babies, the same age…let alone two little boys! Their boys are absolutely precious and have these beautiful contagious smiles! I loved seeing how they each had different personalities, different temperaments, different interests, and connected differently to each parent.

We spent a little time outside taking some pictures but had to come up with plan B since in true Colorado fashion the weather turned on us….for the worst. I share the same sentiment with the boys in that I don’t care for the cold weather…at all. So after we tolerated as much cold windy weather as we could, we went to a nearby indoor playground that was warm, full of vibrant colors, and was more of their element Smile Then, after play time the boys got a chance to dig in birthday cake and get as dirty as they wanted! It’s always fun to see a 1 year old's reaction to sweets since typically their birthday is the first time they have any. At first they just dug their fingers in it, smashed it with their hands, then took it to the next step and tasted it. They both had a “I am not sure what to think about this” look but then gave a big smile for their approval. It only took seconds for it to be in their hair, their mouth, on the floor, on the shirts…everywhere! Now that’s how a birthday should be spent! Happy Birthday to two incredibly beautiful and sweet boys! Thank you for letting me share in such a special day!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE his expression! Priceless!


Make the cold go away!


I LOVE his reaction! He’s unsure of this unfamiliar taste.


There was never a question of whether or not he liked cake…he LOVED it. And, he was so sweet, he tried to share it!


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  1. What a CUTIE PIE he is! You totaly captured his happiness, Michelle!