Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day Cards



I am a total hopeless romantic. I love love stories. I love chick flicks.  I love happily ever afters. I think Disney nurtured what was in my nature with all their love stories like Cinderella, Snow White and the Little Mermaid at a very young age. My only Ken doll is a polygamist because I made him marry all 33 Barbies that I owned or maybe he was living a double life to the 33rd power?!? I am totally hooked on shows like The Bachelor because in my heart of hearts, I REALLY want them to live happily ever after.  So, when a holiday that is specifically dedicated to love comes around…I am ALL.OVER.IT.

When Chad and I were first dating, of course, we did the whole going out to dinner for Vday, gave each other gifts, cards and had a romantic evening together. That carried on until the first years of our marriage…and then…we had kids. As much as I want to believe that “everyday is Valentines'” …um, that is NOT reality with kids. There is nothing romantic coming home to a wife that is STILL in her pjs at 6PM…not the sexy PJ’s ..the ones that are SO comfortable but hideous. Life happens, kids happen. We do have plenty of love, we do share plenty of kisses, we do do the special things that say “ I love you”  for each other throughout the year but it IS nice to have a day dedicated to just that.

So, instead of Lighting McQueen or Thomas the Train Valentines Day Cards, I decided to make little Valentines Day Cards of the two biggest loves of my live. For our family and close friends, we mailed them personalized photo cards and for Travis’ classmates, I cut out wallets and got some scrapbooking paper and mounted the picture to the paper. I don’t have the final product in hand since we are still visiting family, but here’s a little sneak peek of what was involved. I’ll share the larger pictures on Valentines Day, but until then, this is your 48 hour warning that the world is going to be flooded with pink, red, flowers and hearts…


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