Thursday, February 10, 2011

Read the Directions Michelle!

I waste a lot of my time by not following the directions. This is definitely not reflective of my personality since I am a very structured person who loves relying on routine. I have no imagination when it comes to cooking so I follow the directions to the T…ok, maybe I add a little more sugar to my baked goods, but whose counting? I love shopping at Ikea and in order to get the “look” that Ikea displayed in their store, you HAVE.TO.FOLLOW their directions since all of their furniture requires assembly and with out that, you’re pretty much screwed. Learning how to operate my camera….all instructions. So, why why why did I skim the “instructions”/get started section over a year ago when I opened my zenfolio account? Err..had I actually looked through their site, I would have know that my account featured a homepage for me to display my photographs and other information…sorta like a website but kinda not really like a website but good enough until I get a website…ya know?!? I’ve been using them to upload my sessions into private online galleries for my clients and that ALONE was worth the fee….so having this additional feature is the icing on the cake. One less thing for me to have to pay for, since I already pay for it. Sheesh, read the freakin’ directions Michelle!

So please humor me and come take a look. You go visit by clicking here! There’s also a guest book at the bottom for you to sign and say hi! And please, don’t hold it against me the music that is playing in the background. Trust me, it was the best option they had….and if I had my way, I would choose my love Michael Buble. Since posts are always better with a picture, here’s one of Travis in front of Grandma and Papa’s house in Canada. The Great White North takes winter to a level that most will never fully be able to understand. This is the pile of snow that the city’s snow removal equipments shovels from the curbs.There are piles on every street like this allllllll throughout the city!


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