Monday, May 24, 2010

Capturing Your: Laughter


Oh, what a difference a year makes. It was almost a year ago from my last photo shoot with these beautiful girls, Mya and Noella. During our trip to Canada, I was able to spend some fun time with Lisa and her girls. Although Mya hasn’t changed all that much, Noella was a completely different story. Last time I saw her, she has very little hair, reddish hair and could barely sit up. Now she has a head full of curly blonde hair and walks all over the place. She had changed so much, I was shocked that I didn’t recognize her…me, “Miss I never forget a face!”  Mya is one of the brightest child I have ever met. That girl can talk and hold a conversation with any adult…and she is just 3. She is a spit fire and I just love the energy that she exudes. Noella on the other hand is on the shy side and she loves to communicate with her eyes. I could tell, since she gave the the “eye”, the “eye” that was saying, “Stay away from me with that camera Lady.” I just love watching the precious personalities of the Little peeps and observing how different two siblings can be! A big shout out goes to both Mya and Noella...for doing so well during the dead center of naptime and letting me harass you by taking “just one more shot.” Mya, you deserved that ice cream…and well, Noella, you passed out once the car turned on. I owe you one girl!

IMG_3739-copyIMG_3710 IMG_3741-copy  IMG_3758AL IMG_3765CarolG IMG_3770PPGMa IMG_3777CarolG IMG_3783PPGMA IMG_3831CG IMG_3854CG IMG_3867CG IMG_3871-copy IMG_3898CG IMG_3905VG78 IMG_3909CG IMG_3912CG IMG_3921JC IMG_3946BWANT76 IMG_3965AL IMG_3972AL IMG_3973-copy IMG_4007CG IMG_4041AL IMG_4063-copy IMG_4079ALBWANT IMG_4084AL IMG_4087ALBWANT

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