Monday, May 17, 2010

Capturing Your: Heart

 IMG_0614AL I love the first picture. I think it perfectly sums up the relationships between mother and daughter…particularly during their teen years. The “look” only us teenager daughters have learn to perfect towards their mothers, while the mom just sits there and laughs….laughs at the fact that one day, we’ll be dealing with our “own” teenager… And in case you think I’ve made an error, yes, this is a Mother and her daughter. I know, seriously, they totally look like they could be sisters. Yes, even a few jaws dropped while we were taking their pictures in Uptown Whittier. Yes, and there was drool too….since these too hotties got a few whistles and honks. I can’t say enough about how excited I was to take Erica and Nicole’s pictures. I had such a FUN time and almost peed my past a few times…seriously. And Miss Nicole really knew how to work it, going all ANTM on me. I love teenagers and their willingness to be super photogenic and just hammin’ it up for the camera….without having to shake a rattle or bribe them with a lollipop at the end of the shoot. Just point and click!

But most importantly, I just LOVED observing the beautiful relationship of mother and daughter. I know what it is like growing up as a teenager and how tough it can be at times having a mother that nags (sorry Mom, but yes, you nagged), who implemented stricter rules simply because I was a girl , the quarrels, the sassiness….just your typical teenager drama. I also am very familiar with the mother daughter bond, the safe place for you to lie your head, the one who understands why you are so hormonal and will go to Target to get you Midol, the one who stays up late at night waiting for you to come home from your first '”date”, your shopping partner in crime, and the one who will really ask, “Are you going to really walk out of these house wearing that?” Erica and Nicole truly have such a beautiful Mother and Daughter relationship. Like all relationships, there are hills and valleys, but their deep love and bond with one another will forever keep them united. Plus, I mean, really, how many can say that they share the same clothes and fabulous accessories with their mother? Erica, if you ever want to adopt another daughter…please pick me. I am already married off, with two kids, so there is no wedding to pay for, no college  to save for….all I want….is to be able share with your fabulous wardrobe! And, the keys to you car :)

IMG_0632-copy IMG_0641BWANT38 IMG_0650-copy IMG_0657-2-copy Work it baby, work it!IMG_0716-copy Tyra, are you checking this out?IMG_0720-copyIMG_0725-copyWhat a beautiful smile! IMG_0726-copy One HOT mama!IMG_0734-copyWork it girrrl.IMG_0736-copy IMG_0746-copy IMG_0772BW IMG_0799CP2_16 IMG_0846-copy IMG_0862-copy IMG_0868AL IMG_0871AL IMG_0891-copyIMG_091S334IMG_0904S40IMG_0928S42One of my favorite pictures. IMG_0931S40 IMG_0940BW IMG_0947BW IMG_0953-copy Ok, seriously Erica, give me a call. I need ALL your beauty secrets. ALL.IMG_0966S41 IMG_0976S40 IMG_0987CGVintSeventies71IMG_0990ALIMG_1025S15IMG_1023-S25


  1. STUNNING! They are absolutely stunning! I can't believe they are mother/daughter - yes, they could easily pass as sisters. Your images are just gorgeous. My fave is the goofy one of daughter trying to kiss mom. I love their connection! :)

  2. That perfectly describes my thoughts... stunning... stunning... STUNNING work, michelle! Absolutely amazing.

  3. These are so good! Would it be safe to say: Best session to date. . .in my humble opinion I think so ! Love them all and can NOT believe this two are not sisters!

    Shots with colorful mural =rawr!!!!

  4. Thank you ladies! Yes, these two are so beautiful and SUCH FUN to work with!

  5. Gorgeous and a ton of fun, love these shots!