Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....

*Ahem*...noticing anything different?? Ok, look a wee bit closer...closer....there! Do you see it? Yes, the bottom of the picture?? Yes, it's my new logo! Finally, after fiddling with Photo shop a bazillion times, screaming at the brushes I was using for messing my circular border, hating the PS again because it totally messed up my action when I was recording it and wasting a lot of sleepless nights trying to think of colors, logos, etc (I may look like I lost no sleep..haha) but hey, it's done! I wanted to keep it simple and I think I more than achieved that. If you look real real close, like with a magnify glass, you can see that there are little squiggly shapes and flowers on the logo...but I mean, you have to be real close :)
So, to spare those looking to create an action for their logo, here's a tutorial that made it pretty easy peasy. There are three tutorials available, so depending on where you are at in your process, each should help you along the way. Next step for mwah....exporting this from Lightroom...yes there is a tutorial for that!
Happy Friday.....and a BIG Happy Birthday to my best friend and beautiful husband Chad! I love you!

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