Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Capturing Your: Anticipation

There is something about being pregnant that I just thoroughly enjoyed during my two pregnancies. Ok, aside from all the morning sickness, bloating, weight gain, having toes that looked like sausages...and down right just looking like a pregnant oompa loompa when I was pregnant with Travis, it truly was such a special time in our life. One can't possibly express the array of emotions one feels having a little baby grow inside, feeling all the kicks, reading about the progress of the baby, seeing the pictures, feeling their hiccups...just is just too precious to sum up in a few words.

Megan is anticipating the arrival of her second baby moment now! She is in her 40th in...the-baby-is-late-and-she-has-to-keep-waiting until her next appointment to find out more. For those of us who've been through the pregnancy progress, we all can sympathize with Megan right now since when we get preggo we are under the impression that it is JUST a 40 week process....not a 40 week and 2 days, 3hrs, and 16 minutes. No, once 40 weeks hits...get that sucker out! Regardless of the overdue bun in the oven, one thing every mom seems to forget once they hold their precious baby in their arms is the waiting, the pain, the heartburn, the vomitting.....everything....because at that moment...everything is just perfect and worth the wait. Best wishes to Megan and family as they await for the arrival of their new addition to their Julian!

Megan, you are one beautiful pregnant mama!

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  1. What fun and beautiful pics! Now I can't wait until I'm preggo again ;-) shhh don't tell david!