Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish I could say that 2009 flew by, but honestly, it seemed like it was the longest year eva! In some circumstances, the slow motion days were amazing, but for others....I couldn't wait until "tomorrow" happened. I am super excited and hopeful for 2010. I love the idea of a fresh start, new adventures, adding check marks to my "list", the idea of progression and the anticipation of new opportunities. So, with the New Year present, I decided to make some new changes to the blog and how I present my photo shoots. As mentioned before, I will be including my thoughts about my experience to set the stage :) I will also be changing the colors repeatedly, adding my new logo... changing the logo, adding a border, changing a border...changing it please ignore all my indecisiveness as I try to figure out the "feel" of myself, my blog, and my theme that I am trying to portray. I'll try not to be too scattered brain and schizo but I make no promises! Juggling my family, photography hobby, personal blog, laundry, fixing meals, laundry, fixing meals, laundry, dishes, laundry, dishes, (get the picture?).....will make any sane person a little kooky.

So, to kick off the New Year, I wanted to share one of the first changes you will be noticing. I've always HATED writing essays...that side of my brain just doesn't work....and to take it one step further...I think I am seriously allergic to writing essays and research papers. I am more of the artsy fartsy type...give me some art tools and I can express it through a painting, collage, picture, dust balls, .....anything BUT writing. My original major in college was Interior Architectural Design and continued to be until I transferred. However, fast forward to graduation day and I walked down the aisle receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and Juvenile Delinquency. I know, they couldn't be more opposite...but there is a "reason" behind the abrupt switch which is a whole 'nother post. So during that time, I had to "learn" how to write papers...LOTS of papers. The hardest part for me was not coming up with content but a title. Seriously, how the heck does one summarize PAGES of content in a few words...or even word?? Well, for me, I suffer from that same dilemma...even years later. How do I summarize a photo shoot in a few words...and since every family, child, parent, story is do I make it unique each time? I still suffer from creative-writing-itus...except my dilemma is for a whole other reason called mommy-brain-itus. I decided to simplify my dilemma and choose a word to "capture" what I attempted to do during that photo shoot. I had to reign in my long time childhood friend, partner in crime and maid of honor Jennifer R....but most people know her as Jennifer C...(we go waaay back...good times, good times) to help me get that "Ahh....that's the one!". Another "shout out" is due to Jen because she also helped me add a "check mark" next to one of my to-do's on my list.

Each title will start with: Capturing Your followed by the word I have designated to represent that particular category of photo shoot.
So, here are the categories and their designated word:
Engagement: Forever
Family: Heart
Maternity: Anticipation
Newborn: Future
Senior Grads: Footsteps
Head Shots: Glamour
Boudoir: Peek-a-Boo (anyone brave enough?)

This will also apply to my pricing sheet and any other information when referring to these particular categories. And since I seriously have no guarantees, I probably at another point in time will change the "word" if I ever have that..."Ahhh...that's the ONE" moment again ;)

So, what better way to begin a post with a picture of my two darlings! I was searching for a "photography" picture, one that was edited and touched up all nicely to present, and since we are still on vacation I don't have my computer to deck out a picture. But you know what...the heck with that! My life is unedited! My boys are (hubby included) are my heart, the joy in my life, what makes me tick, what makes me re-evaluate myself over and over...because I want nothing more than to give them my all, my best, 100% me and the reason for making 2010 better than 2009! So, here's to a New Year and all that 2010 has to offer!

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