Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Capturing Your: Future

I love the newborn phase! I love the way the smell, how squishy they are, the fact that if you leave them on the bed, you know they are going to be in the same EXACT position you left them because they don't know how to roll, their small hands and feet, the silly faces they make...especially when they are all gassy and that you can pretty much take them anywhere and forget that you have them since all they do is sleep. I know...there are a lot of people that would disagree with me...I mean, after all, what is so fun about sleepless nights? I guess for me, I love the newborn phase because it only lasts just a few weeks. It seems like just when you start adjusting to the whole newborn thing, they suddenly change and now are more attentive, awake longer hours, start cooing....I JUST doesn't last long enough.

Baby Ally was born just this past Christmas and was a healthy 6lbs 10oz! Seriously, Christmas doesn't get any better than welcoming a new healthy baby to the family...the ultimate Christmas gift! When I met Ally, she was just 4 weeks old....and even though I have two boys of my's crazy how I forgot how teeny weeny newborns are! She was this cute little doll all cuddled and content in her baby swing. Ally shares the same eyes as her Daddy and already she is Daddy's little girl since he had the perfect charm for comforting her and putting her to sleep. It is always special to see the bond between children and their parents....especially between Father and Daughters.

Congratulations Ryan, Brittany and Big Sister Hayden!

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  1. Just pure beauty! These pics almost bring tears to my eyes and I don't even know the little one but they are just so beautiful! WOW!

    <3 NAY NAY