Monday, January 24, 2011

Have You Laughed Today?

I always love a good laugh. Laughter is like oxygen, I need it to survive. Growing up with my two brothers made me crave laughter since my brothers are seriously two of the funniest guys around. All throughout our childhood, we loved to play pranks on each other, tell funny stories, make funny faces and get a good laugh at tormenting our younger brother David to do the funny things that we wanted to do. I was the mastermind, Richard was the enforcer. My earliest memory of us playing a prank on my brother David was when we moved into our new house, David was just learning how to walk, and Richard and I were hiding around the corner waiting to scare him. We were successful, we scared the daylights out of him, and just last week, 28 years later, David learned how to walk. As we got older, David was no longer our target for our pranks and jokes, but our entertainment. I remember us staying up late at night, watching David do the funniest impersonations, performing the most silliest dances and imitating Pee Wee Herman’s laugh….making us laugh until we nearly peed our pants or until one of us had an asthma attack. Now, David gets chances at paying me back for all the pranks on him when he was younger by acting like a “Cholo” in public and speaking “Spanglish”. Yes, he is so good, that it is totally believable, and that is why it is totally embarrassing. This past Christmas we went to the Nokia Center in L.A to watch George Lopez perform live. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! I also took advantage of Netflix and lounged in front of the TV watching comedians for about 3 hours a day. Now, that’s what I call a vacation.

And my crave for laughter extended itself in my friendships. I have ALWAYS had funny friends…always! My best memories are from high school and all the fun I had hanging out with the funniest people on campus. Alina, Erika, TK and Jordan….do those names ring a bell? For those of you who went to HS with me, you’ll know exactly who I am talking about and agree that they are seriously some of the funniest people around. In HS, I honestly would have asthma attacks from laughing so hard and TK and Jordan telling jokes and doing the BEST impersonations….oh, those were some of the best times. And to this day, my best friendships in the world are the ones who bring laughter into my life and allow me to be the goof that I really am.

So, it isn’t a surprise that one of my favorite shows is Saturday Night Live. That show is one of the most brilliant shows with the best parodies ever! The talent there is amazing! I’ve been a bit out of touch with SNL since now that I am a mommy, it airs way past my bedtime. BUT….thank goodness for technology like DVRs and the internet, I never have to miss an episode again. And since Monday’s are my dreaded day of the week, I’ve made it my resolution, among the many, to wake up to something funny to start off my week. So, if your Monday sucks or you simply need a laugh, just click below! Happy Monday!


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