Friday, December 17, 2010

Capturing 2010

CampbellIMG_1364-copyThis past year has been such a difficult but rewarding journey. Difficult because of the many late nights I spent researching, learning, editing, brainstorming, discussing…anything photography related. My thirst and drive to grow consumed me because of my need to satisfy and win over my clients. I no longer wanted to be the “cheap” photographer but a desired photographer based on of the quality of pictures, style, creativity, and personable experience that clients would get when choosing me as their photographer. I have always been a driven person when it comes to mastering something that is foreign to me. Things may not come naturally but I have been able to be successful in areas that have been foreign to me because of my determination and strong work ethic. On the flip side, this past year has been so rewarding because of the many families, mommies to be, brides and grooms, newborns, and graduating seniors I got to meet! Each session was special in it’s own way and each person I met added more spark to my flame.

I could go on and ON about this past year and all the lessons that I have learned, but this blog post is dedicated to the people who trusted me with their pictures, who encouraged me in more ways than they know, who supported my passion and who gave me the confidence to continue pursing what I love. You are all the reason why my photography business has continued to grow and I thank you for your support and loyalty to my dream! Thank you for making 2010 a year never to forget.

As a thank you to my clients, they are eligible to receive a mini session in the upcoming 2011 year. You can help them win by voting for your favorite picture…here’s how:

1) Leave a comment on the blog with a description of the picture or their name found above their series of pictures. You must sign in with your username or check the anonymous option if you don’t have an account, but will HAVE to leave your FULL name in order to qualify. All nameless entries will be disqualified.

2) Leave a comment on my Facebook page with a description of the picture or their name (must click the “like” button to leave comments FB). Click HERE!

3) Leave a comment in the FB Album under the picture that you choose as your favorite (must click the “like” button to leave comments on the FB album). Click HERE!

Each person can ONLY vote on ONE picture per family. They can vote up three times using the three different ways listed above. All nameless entries will be disqualified and no emails are eligible. Voting ends Sunday, December 26th at 12PM.

Again, thank you to all who have encouraged me with my journey! Cheers to 2010!

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Jared and HallieIMG_1518seventies67IMG_1524seventies58IMG_1863sevnties60IMG_1820AL2MilaniIMG_1849-copyIMG_1878-copy







Baby AllyIMG_4483seventies56IMG_4565VW72



















  1. So hard to pick! I get first vote :) Woohoo! Great amazing work last year Michelle. I will try to be impartial and vote on creativity in those above, so........
    I think I will post a vote for the WITTE family. You had some great creative shots there!

    Love Chantelle

  2. Great pics Michelle! You had a great year!

  3. Great shots -- So many and very hard to decide.
    My top pick is from the Potter family and the girl with the red ballons. Second is the Bonajon family with the baby in the camo uniform and third is Jared and Hallie standing next to the Mustang. All of these are very creative and show thinking out side of the box
    Lori Conway

  4. Nice work! I love the black and white image from the Potter family shoot.
    Valerie Imus

  5. Its a very hard decision to make they are so many beautiful artistic shots that I greatly admire. But my first place vote is Boynaon the baby in the fateegs(sorry for the spelling)on the chest. My second pick would be sophia on the side walk next to her chalk drawn family and really I'm not being partial its just a great shot I've always thought it should be in a magazine or something! Great work sis you just blow my mind how talented you are!