Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Capturing Your: Laughter


There may be something a little familiar about the picture you are looking at. If you can’t pin point it, I’ve included some pictures that may be quite family and take you on a trip down memory lane. This is Miss Clara, the beautiful daughter of our best friends Carrie and Austin. When I first was dabbling with photography, I practiced on Clara…lots. I seriously had NO idea what I was doing…just put my camera on “auto” and started clicking away. I learned a lot through practicing on Clara…like about “noise” in pictures, shooting in low light situations, shooting in artificial lighting, and removing blemishes…lots of blemishes. For those of you who know Clara, you know that she is a daredevil. She can climb on the highest counters, chairs, trees, swing from lights, and even pull down 15 ft Christmas trees…with one finger. If you think that I am exaggerating, just ask her parents. Don’t be fooled by this Angelic face….she is tough as nails and I think every time I’ve taken a picture of her, she’s sporting a new battle wound. But despite her adventurous spirit, she is such a sweetie pie, loves anything pink and girly, loves shoes, has the most stunning blue eyes, and the cutest girly giggle. Our family loves Clara as if she was our own niece and we have enjoyed being a part of her first two years of life. We are so grateful for the friendship we have with her mommy and daddy and love that we have been able to share in so many milestones, laughs, cries, and stories that we will be telling for a lifetime. Happy 2nd Birthday Clara! We love you and thank you for all the joy and laughs you bring to the lives you touch!


And yes, we’ve arranged Derek and Clara’s marriage.



  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Love these pictures!!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Michelle. I love how you've worked with the light in these images