Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Capturing Your: Future


I just love the anticipation of waiting for a baby to arrive! There is so much excitement, a little bit of fear and just lots of thoughts whirling around in your mind wondering what he or she will look like. And…..then there’s the unglamorous part about waiting…the frequent trips to the bathroom, the cankles, the sleepless nights, the contractions, the uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable back pain, the crazy hormones and who can forget the little foot lodge up in your ribs? By the time most of us are wheeled into the hospital, we are more than READY to meet this little baby and finally “evict” the temporary resident. Aside from all the uncomfortable, painful and craziness that our bodies experience, the end result is more than worth it! That’s why we do it again, and again, and again….and that is where we stop with this family.

The handsome Mr. Brady was born last month to Janet and Jesse. Less than 24 hours out of his mommy’s warm and comfortable belly, Brady was exposed to the harsh realities of life….pictures. I mean really, who wants their pictures taken when there is so much to deal with like adjusting to the new elements, needing beauty sleep because 9 months wasn’t enough, having to adjust to wearing clothes when this whole time he was perfectly fine being au natural, seeing everything double since the eyes can’t quite focus and are all cross eyed? I mean really, how can us mommy’s complain about pregnancy when these little guys have all these issues to deal with at birth? Consider this mommy’s redemption for all the kicks to the gut and ribs, sleepless nights because of the constant urge to pee and for the need to eat KS doughnuts by the dozen. Congrats to Janet, my beautiful and sweet friend….your family is now complete! Jesse, we have a spare room in our basement if you become tired of the couch Smile



  1. OMG. I love newborn babies. Great shots.

  2. awww, what a sweetie baby. You have incredible variety in this set, Michelle. I bet the parents are over the moon thrilled with these!