Monday, June 7, 2010

Capturing Your: Laughter

IMG_5822-copyDuring our photo shoot, I couldn’t say enough how CUTE this little stud muffin is. Now, after looking through all his pictures and picking out my favorites….I STILL can’t say enough how CUTE he is!! We met Ethan and his parents at our church when Ethan was just a few months old. Turns out, we just live a few blocks away from each other and since then have kept in touch with them as friends. I can’t get over how much Ethan has rapidly changed…from being this blue eyed bald baby, to this blue eyed blonde boy! He is truly SUCH a handsome boy and I believe it is safe to safe that those beautiful blue eyes and adorable smile will surely melt so many hearts throughout his life….particularly the ladies.  And one thing that I don’t get to do often, is say Ethan in a “regular” tone, since the ONLY time I get to say Ethan is when Travis ETHAN is in BIG.TROUBLE. So thank you Ethan, for giving me this opportunity to cut into your play time, crash your one on one time with your beautiful mommy and kindly say your name. You totally made my day!

IMG_5836Myaction IMG_5840-copy IMG_5871GTS38GFW33OS15 IMG_5902AL IMG_5928AL IMG_5941AL IMG_5964lux56 IMG_5985AL IMG_5995AL IMG_6004-copy IMG_6009BWANT IMG_6032AL IMG_6049BWANT IMG_6056AL IMG_6060lux47 IMG_6070TRAplusIC IMG_6081TRAJCplusIC IMG_6105-TRAJCplusIC IMG_6133TRAJCplusIC IMG_6142AL IMG_6158-copyIMG_6204-copyIMG_6198-copy


  1. I love the ones with him and the suitcases! He is an adorable little man! :)

  2. The suitcase ones are my favorite too, very cute, good pictures.