Sunday, June 13, 2010

Capturing Your: Flavor

IMG_7779OH.MY.GOSH! This chocolate chip recipe seriously TRUMPED any other chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever made or tried. Ever. Final. Period. End of story. Get it? Make sure you read the “story” of this supposed $ 250 cookie recipe. If you follow this step by step, you too will have the same "Oh my GOSH” gasp just like I did when I tried the first fresh from the oven. My brother, sister in law, and husband all had the same reaction… so did our kids, and I think the whole neighborhood heard our OH MY GOSHes clearly across the street. Just click on the link below to enjoy your Oh My Gosh cookies!

*One thing I did change was to add glazed walnuts.



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  1. Michelle - I printed the recipe and just made these. I thought they were pretty good, but maybe not great. My wife said they were better than the ones she usually makes, so I guess that means they were pretty good. -- Mark