Sunday, June 13, 2010

Capturing Your: Footsteps

IMG_6969-copy1997. It was the year that I graduated high school. I can’t believe it was 13 years ago…and typing that out for the world to read, makes me feel REAL old. As if I need something ELSE to make me feel old?!? I remember my senior pictures…ugh…how awful they looked. They were the traditional studio pics…one pose with a cap and gown and the other with your outfit of choice. Goodness…what was I thinking? I cringe at looking at my pictures….with my bloated face from steriods and my over plucked eyebrows….it’s just a mess. I remember how self conscience I was taking the pictures. I had put on a significant amount of weight from using steroids due to my asthma and thinking, “If I smile, I will look like a chipmunk with it’s mouth full of nuts.” My year book is safely tucked in my basement, 12 feet underground…exactly where it should be.

Fast forward to 2010. Senior pictures in the studio are a thing of the past! The seniors today want more than the cap and gown picture…they want a picture to capture their trendy outfits, their long tresses, their hot shoes, their personality…the real them! For me, it was an opportunity to capture how I would have like to been portrayed in 1997. I LOVED.EVERY.MINUTE.OF.IT! Senior pictures are AWESOME! I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Kaylee, a 2011 grad from a local high school. This beauty was so photogenic, I could have cried in excitement! Holy COW was the expression I used the most that evening! She was game for the poses I requested, even if it meant getting scratch by branches or being exposed to those stinkin’ mosquitoes. It was all worth it because Kaylee looked simply beautiful! Congrats to the upcoming 2011 graduation!

IMG_6977-copyIMG_6990-copyIMG_6985CG IMG_7009IMG_7032AL IMG_7052GFW70 IMG_7092CG IMG_7103CG IMG_7105-copy IMG_7133BWANT IMG_7144AL IMG_7181BWANT IMG_7185BWANTIMG_7252-copyIMG_7242BWANT IMG_7268  Killer shoes! Oh, to be a teenager!IMG_7276GFW56 IMG_7291AL IMG_7305-copy IMG_7311-copy IMG_7320-copy IMG_7394IMG_7400AL IMG_7410AL IMG_7429BWANT IMG_7442AL IMG_7465AL IMG_7487AL