Friday, December 18, 2009


It's been a while since I've written about my current photo shoots. Everything got so busy, it was just nearly impossible to edit, process the pictures, keep up with my personal blog, keep up with life and all it's responsibilities....that coming up with something to say about my experience just seemed like "one more thing to do." Now that life has gotten back to being a little more managable, I've made it a new priority on my list to make sure that I share about my experiences with the families that I am lucky enough to meet and help capture some special moments. And really, there is no better post to start this off with than by writing about our very special friends Austin and Carrie.

We met Carrie and Austin through our church and feel so blessed by their friendship. Austin and Carrie have been nothing but hospitable...inviting us in their home for holidays, sharing lots of fun nights together as one big family, birthdays, lunch dates, playdates, and even a date night sans the kids! Moving out here with no friends or family in the beginning was really a challenge, but overtime we've really gotten to know Carrie and Austin and feel that they have become our family and closest friends. Travis LOVES his buddies Issac and Caleb....they always have so much fun playing together while Derek and Clara seem to have the same heart for mischief :) These friendships remind me of my days growing up in the church and all the friendships that we had and maintained until adulthood. Their special friendship has really helped us to feel connected to our new home and gives us the support and encouragement we need during the "tough" days. So, thank you Austin and Carrie for your friendship, kindness and love that you shower on us daily. We love you guys!

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